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<font size=5 color=red>시카고하나로교회</font> <font color=d8dde0>Welcome to Onenesschurch of Chicago, USA</font><font size=5 color=red>시카고하나로교회</font> <font color=d8dde0>Welcome to Onenesschurch of Chicago, USA</font>

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May 17, 2015

First Service

“Fall of Jerusalem”

(2Ki 25:1-7)



▶Today’s passage speaks about the most humiliating moment in Israel’s history.  

You must discover what the plan of God is within this so that you can receive answers. 90% of people don’t have anything going for them. In the midst of that, the 10% that have works arising for them without God have brought many hardships upon the world by advancing and developing many things in society. This is because Satan is their background. And God has always brought change upon the world through the 1% that correctly has the Gospel. You must devote yourself to the church as the 1% with the Gospel. 

▶Why did this happen to Israel? Then, when did the solution come upon the people of God who were in this kind of situation?  


1. Rightful result – Change your destiny through the Gospel (Isa 7:14).

▶Isa 7:14, Behold, the virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son and you will call Him Immanuel. Why did this kind of disaster befall Israel? The rightful result naturally came upon them. And God gave them the answer. We must change our destiny that is under the forces of darkness.

1) Ge 3:15, Come out from within the destiny of having completely fallen into Ge 3.

2) Ge 6:14, Do not remain within the darkness of the Nephilim of Ge 6 and come out.  

3) Ge 12:1-3, Do not remain within the destiny of the Tower of Babel of Ge 11 and come out.


2. Inevitable time schedule – Bind the spiritual forces, the forces of darkness (Hag 2:1-9)

▶When was this problem resolved? Hag 2:1-9, Speak to the elders and the people. Return and reconstruct the temple. This means that we must bind the spiritual forces and the forces of darkness.  

1) Restore the miracles that arose during the time of Moses and the tabernacle. Live your life centered on the tabernacle.  

2) Temple – God showed David the most important thing.  

3) Restore the church of being with God. Only then will humankind live. Only then can we block Satan and save the 10% that are dying within this.


3. Absolute reason – When we restore evangelism and missions, the forces of darkness will all crumble.  

1) Isa 40:1-31, The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of the Lord stands forever. But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  

2) Isa 60:1-22, Arise and shine. Then, those who were within the darkness will return to the light.  

3) Isa 62:6-12, Raise a banner for the nations. Everyone will gather to that banner.  

▶When is the day that we will break down the forces of darkness? When we restore evangelism and missions, all of the darkness will completely be destroyed.  



▶God used the 1% who entered into the Gospel to change the world. We must now enter into the 1%.  

There are three great answers that follow from this moment on.  

1) You can change the spiritual flow.  

2) Make a spiritual system. You will win without fighting.  

3) Change the spiritual culture.  

▶In the future, an amazing work of God will be restored through you. I bless you in the name of Jesus that this will be the precious day in which you receive this blessing.  


Second Service “King Jehoiachin” (2Ki 25:27-28)



▶King Jehoiachin was the king right before the utter destruction of Israel. He was the king who was taken to Babylon, only to be released after the complete fall of Israel.  

The Israelites were a legalistic people, a people who pursued physical things rather than the spiritual. As a result, they were a people with the most resentment. This continued to be rooted inside of them. That is why they continued to face hardship.  

1) They became slaves in Egypt, were afflicted by war with the Philistines, suffered under the hands of Aram, and faced hardship under the Assyrians.  

2) King Jehoiachin continued to pay tribute to Egypt. In the midst of that, he was taken as captive to Babylon.  

3) As they captured King Jehoiachin, the last king that was appointed was Zedekiah.  

▶To this extent, our unbelief brings frightening results. 

At this time, there is one person who saves all things. Today, you must carry this covenant with you. That person was none other than Daniel in Da 6:10. Daniel began to show living evidence during this time. He prayed earnestly before God three times a day. Hold on to the prayer that has evidence.  


1. Heavenly mandate - The heavenly mandate never fails, the heavenly mandate absolutely triumphs, and the heavenly mandate will be brought to completion

▶Da 6:10, He saw the heavenly mandate as he prayed three times a day before God. Show the evidence within this. Remnants must not be scarred or deceived, no matter what happens. Do not crumble because of the words of people. Be like Daniel. (Da 6:10)

1) This is the prayer to experience the heavenly mandate. Then, many evidences will follow. You will never fail!

2) When this heavenly mandate is applied to our studies and business, changes will arise. You will absolutely triumph!

3) Everything will be brought to completion when you relay this blessing.  


2. Calling

1) At this time, you will see what others cannot see.  

2) At this time, you will do what others cannot do.  

3) You will go where others cannot go.

▶I hope that you will have this devotion. 


3. Commission

1) Commission to raise the Remnants  

2) The RUTC to raise Remnants wherever you go  

3) Compassion to save the gifted individuals of developing nations  



▶When you look at the Bible, a very important word comes out.

1) Those who remain (Zeph 2:7)

2) Those who are scattered (Ac 11:19)

3) Those who are hidden (1Ki 19:8-21)

▶Enjoying this evidence is the greatest devotion. Enjoy this answer as you pray three times a day with thanksgiving like Daniel. May you gain strength. Today, you are sitting here, but God will work by His power. I bless you that you will be the church and believers who will show God’s living evidence before the world.  


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